Pretty Nostalgic 'Live by our Motto' feature

If you have never heard of Pretty Nostalgic magazine, you are missing out! We were asked last November to contribute our thoughts to a feature for the new year and we finally managed to get a hold of a copy and check out what else the issue had to offer. 

The magazine is available to buy from their website and a limited number (growing) of independent retailers. Their website is really lovely too, we spent some time looking around it whilst waiting for our issue to arrive (which it did very quickly). 

We were asked to way-in on the subjects 'Spend wisely, Waste less, Appreciate more' that make up Pretty Nostalgic's motto. We could have spoken about this all day but we managed to get our points across in three small paragraphs which have all been featured in the six page spread, along with other bloggers, writers and readers of the magazine.

There are some really lovely articles, as well as the one we are in, in this edition. Particularly one about British shoe makers and Nicole Burnett talking about her love of repaired objects and the sad loss of making do and mending simple household goods.

If you like vintage for the history, not just the fashion factor and like seeing real artisans at work whilst being enchanted by beautiful photography, take some time out to get a copy. Then sit down on a Sunday afternoon with a big cup of tea and enjoy.

H and Sammy xxx

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