Make it: Super Easy Word Canvases

Today I am going to share a super easy New Year DIY that will lift those January blues.
It's really flexible to have a go at because you can use any words you like and really cheap too. 

I managed to pick up some super cheap canvas prints in the sales for just 99p each from Pound Stretcher, but check out Wilko's and 99p stores because they often have these small canvases on sale. 

You will need...
3 print canvases
self adhesive letters
spray paint

Take your canvases and stick on your letters to spell the words you have chosen. I went with Wish, Sleep and Dream as I am going to put them up in my bedroom as part of my make-over.

Do the same with all of your canvases.

Take your spray paint, I used pebble beige from Plasti-kote, which I also got on sale at Hobbycraft ages ago because it was a discontinued colour, but you can pick any colour you like. 

Then take your spray and cover all your canvases with a light layer of paint. I kept to just one layer because I kind of liked the images showing through a little, but you can go ahead and build up the coats until you can't see any of the original image. 

Once all your coats of paint have dried ( I waited overnight) you can go ahead and start peeling off the letters to reveal the pattern underneath. 

Once you are done you can give them a quick coat of sealant to make them last longer. Of all the ones I did I love the Sleep one the most, the colour difference is the best and it is the most legible. But I love how they all turned out. 

I told you, Seriously easy right! They are on my landing right now waiting to go up in our bedroom, I think they will look so cute. I can't wait to show you all the changes I have made to our room. 
Room tour coming soon.

Hope you enjoyed that tutorial and it helped to lift those January blues.
Sammy xxx