Hidden Treasure: Sacred Cafe

Photo courtesy of http://sacredcafe.co.uk
Something which I pride myself on is finding little treasures on my travels and I always have to research a place before I go there - sometimes maps included!  Yes I am THAT person.  I love to find the unusual and the places that other people might not go to, or those places that others recommend.

I thought that I would share some of those places I have found or do find on the way.

I guess, as I lived in London, people are always asking me about places to go and I usually always know a 'little place just up the road from ...' and so its only right that I start with a little place that Sammy and I love to go to when we visit, and it's only a stones throw away from Liberty's, so it can't be bad.

Sacred Cafe brings the New Zealand Cafe experience to London, all I know is that they do a good brew and a lovely slice of cake!  We love to go to the one on Ganton Street off Carnaby Street, but there are also venues at Westfield White City, Covent Garden and Highbury.  They have a wide range of Teapots and plates so that no one gets the same.  So many different types of tea too and the cake slices are a good wedge rather than a sliver - nothing beats that!

It makes a great excuse for a bit of a sit down after some Oxford Street shopping or just a place to relax before you start.  There are so many places to have a drink around Oxford Street but you can't beat an independent cafe to get your coffee fix.

If you have been or you go and try it out, do let us know in the comments below, we would love to know what you think!