In the spirit of the season, I confess, I’m an incurable Yuletide enthusiast, always seeking an opportunity to sprinkle my abode with a generous dusting of festive glitter!

Every year, I eagerly share snapshots of my Christmas tree, a tradition that, for me, signals the official commencement of holiday cheer in the Claridge residence.

This festive season, I’ve chosen a sophisticated palette of noir, alabaster, and gold for my tree. I’ve repurposed my pristine white tree from the previous year, and have artfully curated my decorations, reusing many from my existing collection and introducing a few handcrafted additions. Among these are my glittering diamond ornaments, ingeniously crafted from five golden pipe cleaners priced at a mere 10p each – a testament to frugality and festivity!

I’ve also incorporated rustic wooden hearts from Hobbycraft into my tree’s decor, each meticulously painted white and adorned with a unique black pattern. These charming additions, priced at approximately £1.75 each (including ribbon and paint), have proven to be a delightful bargain. For those curious about the brushes I used for painting, you can check out my recommendations for the best chalk paint brush and the best brushes for painting furniture.

This year, I’ve indulged in a small extravagance – adorable ceramic owls purchased from our local Shaw Trust charity shop. Priced at £3 each, these charming ornaments not only enhance the tree’s aesthetic but also contribute to a noble cause. The stars adorning the tree are another DIY addition, crafted from air-drying clay and a cookie cutter, and painted white with gold liquid leaf paint gracing the edges.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how my tree has come to life this year. Its warm, inviting glow illuminates our lounge, and I eagerly anticipate the joy of placing gifts for our loved ones beneath its branches on Christmas Eve. Allow me to share a glimpse of the other festive adornments I’ve arranged. Our kitchen is graced with paper snowflakes, and a tinsel bauble garland with glitter stars hangs over the mirror. I’ve strung extra clay stars to create a garland over our lounge doors, embossed with the phrase ‘wish upon a star’ – a decoration so endearing, I’m considering making it a permanent fixture.

This Christmas holds a different meaning for us, as it’s the first without my beloved Grandpa, who we lost in March. His presence was a cornerstone of our holiday celebrations, and his absence will be deeply felt. However, I know he’ll be with us in spirit and in our cherished memories. He would have wanted us to celebrate with joy, not sorrow, so we’ve planned an array of games and movies to keep the festive spirit alive. In his honour, we might even indulge in some delightfully off-key carol singing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our holiday decor for the year. I’d be thrilled to hear about your own festive arrangements. If you’ve shared any photos, do drop a link in the comments so we can admire your holiday spirit.

Have a magical, festive weekend
Sammy xxx

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