Live it: H and Sammy 40 Random Facts

H's 20 random facts
  1.  My favourite movie of all time is Forrest Gump.
  2.  My feet are ALWAYS cold - even in the heat of summer.
  3.  I don't like Bacon or Wine.  Apparently this makes me very weird.
  4.  I can't walk in heels - seriously I am like Bambi!  1 inch heels is all I can cope with.
  5.  I have never downloaded a film in my life - I like a DVD to watch.
  6.  I very rarely take my make-up off at night.  I don't wear that much so that helps.
  7.  My favourite building in London is Battersea Power Station.
  8.  I have never seen The Sound of Music all the way through.
  9.  My Ideal car is a Morris Minor.
  10.  I could not live without my Jeans and trainers.  I literally would not know what to wear!
  11.  I collect paper bags from shops and places I have visited.  My favourite bag is from the Sweater shop - remember them!
  12.  In 11 years I have been to 27 weddings!  Not all as a bridesmaid I should add.
  13.  My signature scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.
  14.  I hate it when people put nuts in Carrot Cake or Brownies, as I don't eat nuts but love the cakes.
  15.  I love music and don't really have a particular sound I like, I like all sorts of music.
  16.  I only stopped biting my nails 4 years ago.
  17.  I once interviewed Ross Noble and had my first starstruck moment.
  18.  I hate the sound of the Violin or Bag pipes.
  19.  I grew up in a small Village but everyone thinks I am a town person.
  20. One day I want to live by the sea.

Sammy's 20 Random Facts

  1. I feekin' Love Popcorn.
  2. I'm really bad at being organised.
  3. I'm a total TV addict.
  4. I don't like dark chocolate.
  5. my favourite thing to wear is Pyjamas.
  6. I once owned a pair of dalmatian print trousers (and wore them in public)
  7. I don't drink alcohol any more (unless its a cheeky Mojito on holiday)
  8. My favourite fashion designer is Vivianne Westwood.
  9. The most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought was a pair of £80 buffalo boots (spice girls style in the 90's) 
  10. I can't spell to save my life, thank goodness for spell check! 
  11. My most precious possessions are my wedding and engagement rings.
  12. I own more orange and coral nail polish than any other colour.
  13. My Lucky number is 3.
  14. I have 3 tattoos all on my back.
  15. I love anything with stars.
  16. I have a ridiculous button collection.
  17. My favourite camera lens is my 50mm, it is very rarely apart from my camera.
  18. If I could win a medal for anything it would be for shopping.
  19. I hate baked beans.
  20. I passed my driving test 8 years ago, but I have never owned my own car.
So there you are 40 VERY random facts about Me and H. Let us know a random fact about you in the comments below.

Sammy and H xxx