Live it: Bath Christmas Market

On Sunday Sammy and I popped to Bath for the day.  We have been meaning to go for ages and are planning a full weekend trip next year - famous last words!  But we decided that with the Christmas Market on, it would be a good time to go and have a cheeky day out.

It also gave us an opportunity to check out The Makery Emporium (more about that next week) and a few more shops, including December 25 - can you guess what they sell???  Before settling in Bill's for some well earned Dinner.

It was nice to do something a bit different and have some lovely bestie time.  What with running the blog and our day jobs, it sometimes feels that we forget to hang out!  So this was a great way to do it,

The Stalls were scattered around the main City Centre, around the Abbey, the Roman Baths and throughout the cobbled streets.  They were the little wooden huts that we are so used to seeing these days but why not, when they make the place look so good.

It was very busy and so whilst winding ourselves through the (over 150!) stalls we managed to get some pictures for you guys to explore too.  You can find a list of all the stallholders here.

With the Abbey in the background, the stalls looked so Christmassy!

The Makery also had a stall in the Market selling their books, gifts and Make Away Kits.  They have plenty of Kits to choose from, my favourite is the Stag Head kit.

How cute are these biscuit badges!  Good enough to eat - always thinking of my stomach!

The Vintage Inspired Jewellery shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon and these from Elsie Belle Jewellery did not disappoint.

Some of the Stall holders products made such beautiful Christmassy displays, especially when it started to get dark.

You get to meet such great characters when walking around a new City, the Bird Hotel was a lovely feature outside the RSBP shop - which incidentally had some beautiful gifts too.

One thing that both of us wish we had more time for is drawing and sketching.  When we saw this guy sketching using some big old fat Pastels, we couldn't resist having a little look.

You just have to love an old style Carousel and this huge one was right in the middle of the cobbled streets, just ready for everyone to have a bit of a break midway through shopping.

We will be back The Pump Room - we have heard about your treats and will be back!

These drawings and prints from Pitch26 were amazing.  They are all done by architects and the level of detail is beautiful.  The Build your own house was a great touch too and it definitely is - as they say - the only house I could afford!

The Christmas Market really was a great mix of the old and new with plenty of decorations to spruce up your home.

Or you could just make a Gingerbread home - much tastier!  These beauts are from Bickie-boo.

We found these themed Russian dolls, with all sorts of characters from Father Christmas right through to Mick Jagger!

After all that, we had to pop into the Fudge Factory for some sugar intake before taking on some of the other shops Bath had to offer.  I think we will definitely have to have a long weekend here to be able to explore Bath fully, but it was a great taster for another visit.

The Market is still on Until this Sunday (15th) and so there is still time to have a visit this weekend, but be warned, it will be busy!

Which markets have you been to?  Have you been to Bath Market?  H used to live in Lincoln and the Christmas market there was great too - the Ostrich Burgers are a particular pull for people to visit.

H & Sammy