In the cozy holiday nooks of our hearts, my friend H and I concocted a heartwarming, festive DIY project. This idea sparked amidst a flurry of new births amongst our friend circle. H felt a tug of creative impulse to craft a unique memento for these freshly minted moms that would stand out from the usual ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ keepsakes found in stores. Our collaborative ingenuity brewed up these whimsically charming photo ornaments, becoming the perfect, personalized addition to their Yuletide decor. Yours truly, being child-free, utilized this crafty idea to create a colorful array of cherished memories with my loved ones. I even dedicated one to the dashing Channing Tatum!

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Here’s what you’ll need to conjure up these charming keepsakes:

A pair of scissors, some felt, embroidery threads, a needle, fragments of ribbon, a white card, a pencil, a marking pen, and the pictures you wish to encapsulate.

The first step is to find a circular object (I chose my Sellotape reel) to trace onto your card.

Trim the circular card with your scissors.

Next, slice three layers of felt, ensuring each layer can comfortably encompass your card template. Using the template as a guide, mark your felt slightly larger than your card, and then trim all three layers accordingly.

Two of these layers will sandwich your card. From the third layer, carve out a tiny alcove at the top (this will be the spot to slide in your photo) and a window for your photo to rest in. I chose a heart shape for mine, adding a dash of whimsical romance to each keepsake.

Thread your needle with the embroidery thread and stitch around your photo aperture. I utilized a running stitch, but a blanket stitch could work too for a unique touch.

Tuck a ribbon scrap between the two back layers, creating a loop for hanging.

Assemble all your layers and sew around the perimeter, securing them together. The closer to the edge you stitch, the more space you’ll have for your photo.

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I replicated some of my Instagram highlights onto standard white paper and nestled them into each of the ornaments I crafted.

A photo of Steve and I nestles perfectly within the heart-shaped aperture, our smiles frozen in time.

These delightful ornaments are not just a breeze to create but also an absolute joy! You could make them with your children, gift them to friends, or like me, curate a collection for yourself adorned with faces of those you hold dear. If you’re crafting them as presents, consider embroidering a small personal message or a significant date on the reverse side. These ornaments can dance on your Christmas tree branches or string together to create a ‘family tree’ garland, draping elegantly over your fireplace.

I find these ornaments utterly enchanting and plan on making a set for my beloved niece this year.

So, what’s your festive DIY plan this season? Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

With love,
H and Sammy xxx

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