Love it: Christmas Adverts

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As Sammy mentioned on Tuesday, it appears everyone around us is getting in the Christmas spirit! Brands have been thinking about this Christmas since January and beyond - always gearing up for the next season! 

Some people know it's time to get all Christmassy when they see the coca cola advert on telly! It used to be all about the R Whites advert when I was growing up, but that was much nearer the big day than the adverts seem to come out now.

There are so many amazing adverts that have come out so far this year and so I thought it would be good to showcase some of my favourites - so far!

By now you must have seen the John Lewis Advert, apparently sales in John Lewis have gone up massively since the advert came out, so someone is definitely watching it!

Battle of the Christmas adverts: Which one's the best?
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This link leads to the making of the advert, which is just amazing.  It was made using 2D and 3D animation techniques and just goes to show what can be done with a little imagination.

I love this Baileys advert as it gives a different spin on the Nutcracker - one of the Ballet's I need to go and watch.  I love the Moulin Rouge feel of the ad.

Sainsbury's have used real people to show what Christmas is to each of us and used Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, (of The Last King of Scotland fame) not too shabby.

It also just shows how different people celebrate Christmas, but that what's it's all about is family and friends.

Cadbury's have done their first ever Christmas advert - I know amazing hey!  This one is so good as who wouldn't want to unwrap everything you own!

It seems the Famous Grouse is not a fan of Z-list celebrities!  You have to love the famous grouse ads as they have taken over from R Whites with the waiting to see what they do this year!

I love to see what the brands get up to for their adverts and there always seems to be something extra special about the Christmas versions. 

What's your favourite advert this Christmas or even just another other time of year?  I love the really clever ads, like the Honda one a few years ago where it was lots of car parts on a domino effect.

I'm off to wait for the R Whites advert!