Love it: Getting Cosy

My place looks like a blanket factory right now with all the cosy throws I have scattered around the place! Being cosy and warm is my top priority at the moment, at home the heating is up full whack whenever I am there. Even with the heating on, I love being snuggled up on the sofa surrounded by snuggly things. I love these slippers, they are (faux) fur lined and and so comfy and how adorable is that sleepy fox hot water bottle cover? 

How do you like to stay cosy and warm at this time of the year? 
Have a snuggly weekend x
Sammy xxx


  1. I adore the fox hot water bottle cover! It's adorable. I think I have a serious fox problem though, bought so many things in the past few months that have foxes on it- oops!

    1. Isn't he gorgeous! She has lots of different designs in her etsy shop too x I have the same problem with Stags and Reindeer at the moment x
      Sammy xxx


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