Book Review: Candy Kittens

After my Link for the week on Monday we got right in the baking mood and so we thought what better way than review the Candy Kittens book that we got sent by Fluorescent PR.

Candy Kittens is a company owned by Jamie Laing - of Made in Chelsea fame and who's family own McVitie's.  So great credentials to put some sweet treat recipe's together and that's just what this book is, a real sweet treat book.  No bread making or pie's here.

I must admit that my knowledge of Jamie was pretty non-existent, not being a Made in Chelsea fan would mean that anything to do with it is fairly off limits.  However, the book has some great recipes in it to make those sweet treats that are a little bit different to the usual baking books out there.  It is also pretty pink and sparkly and defiantly made for a younger crowd, but that doesn't mean the recipes are age appropriate!

Throughout the book, each section starts with a lovely picture of one of the recipes in its section, just like the macaroons above.  To show what the book has to offer, we have picked some of our favourite recipes to have a look at for the review.

We all know that cupcakes are a big favourite treat and there are some lovely colourful versions in this book, but I just couldn't resist these kitten shaped cake pops for a picture!  Sammy has made cake pops in the past, but these are so cute that I'm not sure whether we could eat them!

H does love a gingerbread house and this Chelsea Townhouse one is definitely a favourite and it is probably the only version we could afford!  I might even give it a go at Christmas, that's if I don't eat all the gingerbread first of course!

Another favourite of H's is bubble tea.  I first came across it in Singapore and have been grabbing different versions of it as I go along.  I really want to try this version out and have even brought my tapioca pearls in preparation for it.  This is not for everyone as it is a drink with the tapioca pearls that come up through the straw, but for some reason, I love it!

All in all, the Candy Kittens book has some great recipes in it, there are also a few fillers in there too - the rice crispie cake recipe just seems a bit unnecessary.  I am also not a fan of the street talk and 'please buy the clothes we endorse' extras.  But I guess you can't like everything hey!  The recipe's are easy to follow and a favourite of H's is not too many ingredients, as who wants to scour the supermarket for all the things you have never even heard of.

For the most part though it's just a fun book and so much so that I went and bought one for a friend for her birthday.  That must be a good review hey.

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H & Sammy

Disclaimer: Although we were sent the book by Fluorescent PR we were not obligated to give it a positive review.