5 Things I love about ... Organising

This time, the '5 Things I love about' list was really really difficult to keep down to just 5 things as I could have gone on for much much more.

This time I am talking about Organising and so lets get organised and start:

1.  I love the order - it makes me feel calm.  When I feel overwhelmed, I like nothing than sorting and getting rid of things I don't need anymore, whether it's my desk or my wardrobe.  It all helps.

2.  I can find things when I want them - as everything has a place and so I roughly know where to find it again.  I know people who are not organised would say the same thing.  But whichever way you work as long as you stick to it, you can always find what you need.  When my desk is a mess, it takes me forever to find stuff.  Living in a room (as I houseshare) means I have to have a place for everything, or it won't fit in.

3.  I like lists - I like writing them, spending time thinking about what I need to do and then planning on how to do it.  I love lists of lists!  I always make sure I put something on my list that I have already done or am halfway through, as this then gives me the push to do more.

4.  It makes other people think I am always organised - sometimes I really am not!  I do usually go for the theory of tidy place, tidy mind.  But sometimes I really am not that organised - probably more than some people, but all the same, I can forget birthday's and buying presents like the next person.  I also don't have my DVD'S in film order or colour code my socks for example, although, maybe I should!

5.  I can buy stationary, boxes and tubs in preparation for all the organising!  Which is just an excuse for more shopping really.  I like stationary, I like all the colours and the notebooks for more lists.  Just basically stuff!

As I said, I could have gone on forever with this one and so it was really difficult keeping it down to 5 for this series.  Which utilised my organisation skills in itself!

What's your favourite thing about being organised, or not as the case may be?  Let me know in the comments below.

Off to organise the sock drawer perhaps! ha, ha.