5 Things I hate about ... Reality TV

Time for 5 things I hate about and this time its all about Reality TV! 

This is definitely going to be one that divides, but for me, for the most part I just can't stand the ups and downs, the real or the fake and the really really annoying characters!  I just don't want to sit down on an evening and see people bitching, here them badly sing or talk about their 'oh how annoying is it when the little people don't understand' lives.

I have many conversations with my friends in which I have no idea who they are talking about - although sometimes this is not exclusively to reality TV stars. Sammy is my 'who are these people?' version of IMDB.  Also the further these celebrity reality shows go on the less of a celebrity you have to be!  
In which case, I thought this would have to be in my 5 things I hate about series.

1.  People who want to be famous - You know the ones, the ones where all they do is do things to get noticed rather than what they are on there to do in the first place.  What ever happened to people getting noticed for being good at something, rather than hanging out at a nightspot.

2.  No one needs to see that.  I don't need to see anyone eating bugs or going to the toilet and I especially don't need to see people flirting with someone they shouldn't.  It just makes me cringe, its car crash TV and the people in it don't even have personalities to keep them going.

3.  It takes over the TV.  You can't watch other programmes without there being something reality TV on in the adverts or your show you like being moved so that they can schedule it in.  Every time I see Big Brother advertised I wonder when they will stop.  I do remember seeing the very first series as it was new and I was slightly nosier in my younger age, but now its just boring and the same and they are mean.  I am just not that interested in seeing how people get annoyed with each other with little food/sleep - I have seen that with previous housemates!

4.  People think they are their friends.  There are conversations about the people in the show as if they know them.  They talk about these people as if its real in their own life.  I get confused and have to ask lots of questions.  But I am not really that interested and so it doesn't stay in my brain - useless info just gets chucked out of the brain space.

5.  One for everyone (apparently) - there are so many shows now.  Some for people who live in; Essex, California, New York or even the valleys of Wales.  Are these people really indicative of the people who live there - I hope not!  I would hate to come from the area in which was being portrayed as I am sure they hate to be judged on the TV show alone.

Now I know that lots of people put there like Reality TV and I am not saying you shouldn't, I'm just saying that I don't like it.  I would rather watch a documentary - call me a nerd, but its a reality TV of sorts I guess.

Just off to avoid the spin-offs from each of the shows.