Friday Favourite: Iconic IKEA

Last week Steve and I both had a Friday off work, this is rare - so we celebrated with a trip to Milton Keynes, more directly IKEA!  Oh the life of us married folk, so glamorous.  We were headed there in particular as I had saved enough money to buy all the components of my new desk (sadly this is super exciting to me).  There is so much Ikea goodness floating around the interwebs at the moment and I couldn't resist some of the more popular and iconic IKEA pieces for our home.
This is what we bought.

Can you see a theme ?? I chose the ALEX drawer units and the LENNMON table tops for my desk.  I bought four of the drawer units and two tops in different sizes to replace the two mis-matched desks in my craft room. As soon as my room is back to normal I will take some new photos and share it with you guys.
We had a lovely day, we put Music on in the car as we drove to Milton Keynes and sang along at the top of our voices all the way there and back, I love hearing my Steve sing, he used to be in a band before we knew each other, he has a lovely voice. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I am spending mine sorting out all the bits into my new desk, what are you guys up to?
Sammy xxx