Live it: What's in H's Handbag

A while ago Sammy did a post about what was in her handbag and so I thought it was about time that I got my act in gear and did one aswell.  You can see Sammy's post here.  There are so many of these types of post about and yet they are so intriguing that I can never get enough!

As a blogging duo it is nice sometimes to do something which shows how we are similar and how we are so different.  Always nice to show our different sides and also you guys can get to be a little bit nosey! - Let's face it, we are all a bit nosey.

As I am sure you guys know by now I am a bit of an organisation freak and I like to have a few bits and pieces for most eventualities!  What can I say, the Be Prepared mantra has stuck with my from my Brownie days!  You will definitely get a sense of this below!

1.  An Umbrella - a necessity for the UK and so it always comes in handy for those changes in the weather on my walk to work.
2.  My work pass - it's just annoying when I forget it as you can't get anywhere without it!
3.  My Purse - I brought this at a Vintage Fair at the venue I used to work at.  It turns out that my gran had the same purse in pink!
4.  A little bag of bits and pieces - just in case.  Inside there is an eyeshadow pencil, bank gadget, mini mirror, hairband, hairclip, nail file and keyring (for some reason!)
5.  A packet of tissues - I nearly always get caught out with getting a cold, so it's always worth having some tissues in my bag.
6.  A couple of pens - I always end up needing a pen and one runs out on me and so I always carry 2! I told you I liked to be prepared.
7.  Ray Ban looking sunglasses - these are definitely not real!  I brought them in Greece a few years ago and have been in my bag ever since.  You never know when the sun is going to shine and plus I find it really difficult to drive when sunny without them.
8.  Cath Kidston measuring tape - I always need this when shopping and it's really useful for making sure you buy something that fits a gap!  I brought this when I worked at Kings Cross and I used to go out at lunchtime and see what the shops in Kings Cross St Pancras had to offer.  It reminds me of Christmas time in London with the Lego tree in Kings Cross station.
9.  My Ipod.  I do have my phone - which I just realised I forgot to put on here (but most of the time it goes in my pocket).  But I like to keep my music separate as if you run out of battery on a long journey with your phone, you can still listen to music.  A genius idea I think, but I am sure most people just think I am far too organised!

I feel I have alot of things in my handbag, just in case.  But I would rather have it than be without!  GEEK

There are other things that get put in and out on a daily basis, like notebooks and a Diary for work, I cannot live without my diary at work!  But I don't carry them around with me everyday as I like to keep my bag lightweight and so things get put in as required on a daily basis.

I also brought myself a cheeky new handbag last week - I was definitely looking for a shoulder bag and somehow I ended up with a satchel!!!!  and it's blue which may well explain why I ended up with something I wasn't actually intending to buy!  See my post here for why the colour may have convinced me.  It was a bargain from TKMaxx so I didn't feel too bad!!!!

What do you guys think?  I have a feeling I might need to use this on days that I have less in my bag.  Maybe it could be my weekend bag?

What are your essentials in your handbag?  Do you have a bag full of stuff or do you keep it simple?  Let us know in the comments below - we like to be nosey about you guys too.

Love it