Book Review: Makery

You may have well caught The Makery on Dragon's Den a while ago and seen that amongst their shop and kits, they have a book out called 'Makery - Over 30 projects for the home, to wear and to give' by Kate Smith (the founder of The Makery).

So, we thought it would be a good idea to do a little review for you.

The book doesn't have the same branding as the venue, which is a little confusing (this also came up in Dragon's Den), so that is a shame, but it still looks great.

The front cover obviously suits me as it's plenty of blue items, just up my street.

A great contents page is always a good winner with me as it's nice to flick through the book, but it's also good to be able to look up a specific project you have seen.  The pictures throughout the book are clear and very pretty, with a mix of general shots and pictures of the projects you will be doing.

I like the fact that there is no 'Craft tool' or 'get you started' pages in this book, as sooo many books do that to fill up the pages I feel.  I like that they are targeting the book towards people who already craft and so they don't need that kind of thing taking up pages.

Some of the projects I have seen before in other books, but that is inevitable I guess these days, but there are some great new projects to do aswell.  The Cuckoo Clock and Toy truck pincushion are particular favourites, along with some shrink plastic jewellery and the Stag Head.  I think I will definitely have to give the Cuckoo clock a go when I get my own place - got a while I would think!

When you find a project you like, there are plenty of steps and diagrams (along with pictures of all the tools you will need) to follow.  The steps are easy to read and give you great advice along the way, which is always nice.

The paper weight of the pages in the book are lovely and it has that really nice matt texture to it, which makes it lovely to flick through and feel very much like a craft book.  The book is Paperback though and I must admit I prefer a hardback craft book, but again that is just preference.

Another of the great things about this book is that all the pull out patterns (at the back) are full sized.  So no having to scale up on a photocopier for this book.  Let's face it no one has a photocopier at home and so how are people meant to scale patterns up!  It is definitely a plus for the book.

All in all, the book is easy to read and has some great projects and so I would give it a definite thumbs up.  Hopefully we can have a go at the projects soon and see what we can create!

Have you read this book?  Or do you have another book we should check out?  Lets us know in the comments below.

Off to dream of a Cuckoo clock!