5 Things I love about ... Autumn

This month's 'Things I love about' is all about Autumn, just because it's one of my favourite times of year and it seems like it's a favourite for a-lot of people!  If my Instagram feed is anything to go by anyway.

So, I think I should get started and tell you what I love so much about it.

1.  Wearing scarves - I love scarves, I love being able to wrap up with one and in autumn we can wear thinner coats and big thick scarves or thicker coats with thinner scarves.  Which just means more choice, lovely.  That's always the excuse when I keep buying more scarves too, you need one for every occasion!

2.  The leaves turning brown - I love it when the leaves fall and they turn brown.  You also have to enjoy rustling your feet through them all in a big pile.  Who didn't love jumping in a big pile of leaves as a child and as I have grown up, I still love doing it.

3.  Hot drinks - I don't really drink hot drinks apart from in the autumn and winter.  I do love a good cuppa or hot chocolate - with a biscuit of course.  There is something really nice about settling down with blogging and a brew!  Keeps the mind working.

4.  Jumpers - who doesn't love snuggling in a jumper on the sofa.  Get the jeans on, jumper on and your good to go.  Again, a great excuse for buying more jumpers!  As if I need anymore excuses.

5.  Baking - I always feel like baking more in the colder months.  The heat of the oven keeps you warm too.  Plus it's just lovely trying new recipes and baking something nice for a friend or for work.

There are loads more that I could have done, but what's your favourite thing about Autumn?  Let me know in the comments below?

Love it