5 Things I hate about ... Spa Hotels

Continuing on with my series, it's time for '5 Things I hate about' and this time it's all about Spa Hotels!

I know lots of people love them and I really don't mean to make anyone else hate them, it's just how I feel about them.  I'm just not a spa person.  I would much rather sit down in front of a movie with a cuppa, rather than with a lot of other people trying to relax.

So, this is how I feel about them:

1.  Forced relaxation - nothing makes me relax less than someone telling me to relax.  It's just that thing of relaxing is all about having some time and space to yourself, how are you meant to get that in a big space with lots of other people around trying to relax too.

2.  Massages - I don't want someone pummelling me or trying to soothe me.  Just get off, get off now! I just have never been into massages, maybe it's because I have bad back anyway and I just think they will make it worse or maybe it's because when I have had one I have found it so uncomfortable that there is just no relaxation there for me.

3.  Crazy 'Healthy' purging plans - who eats like that on a normal basis.  Eat well most of the time and then there is no need for the cabbage soup and raw food for one day a month!  Crazy diets are never good and after a nice calming day all you want is a brew and a cake surely!?  So why feel that you should deny yourself that.

4.  The expense - why is my relaxing time so expensive!  Surely to be relaxing it should not cost my month's wages.  Everything is expensive at Spa's, the treatments, the food and the drinks, it just makes me anxious rather than relaxed.

5.  Special oils or incense sticks - it all just makes me sneeze!  Give me 2 minutes with all that stuff and my nose will explode.  I can walk through a perfume department and I start sneezing and so being around this stuff all the time is never going to help!

So that's it, as I said these are all just my own views on Spa's, I am sure there are plenty of things to love about them.  Do you love or hate them?  Let me know in the comments below.

Time for a cuppa methinks