My Top 5 Horror and SCIFY TV shows.... Ever

I am a horror movie fan as you may know and I love Halloween. The best thing about the horror genre is that it has managed to make a very successful move to TV, particularly lately. I used to be a massive X files fan back in the day which I would count as horror/SyFy and the Outer Limits which was along the same lines. But in the last few years the TV companies have really outdone themselves in this genre. So as it is Friday the 13th I thought I would share my favourites. 

The Walking Dead
This is one of Steve's favourite shows and to be honest I dip in and out of it, but when I do watch it I am captivated. Even better than most Zombie movies, the zombies are really creepy and lots of the cast see very nasty deaths.
Season 4 is coming this Autumn on FOX

Breaking Bad
I am actually obsessed with this show, entirely the fault of watching a Comic con panel with the cast of Fringe, when Joshua Jackson said he loved the show we had to give it a go.
Apparently the final Season (6 or the second half of season 5 if you like) is only showing now on Netflix? We watch it on itunes. 

Fringe is over now and I'm not gonna lie the last season was a little disappointing, compared to the first four. But as a whole it was an amazing show.
All seasons can be found on itunes, box sets on Amazon.

True Blood
Epic Vampire show to top all others, no sparkly vamps here! Just throat ripping, blood thirsty Vamps, werewolf, shape-shifters, witches and the rest.
Season 6 airs on FOX at 10pm on the 30th of September

My Favourite TV show ever! (second only to Friends) You may already know this if you have seen my drawings as I have drawn most of the cast members of this show. I have a little (read: Large) crush on Jensen Ackles, that may be why I have drawn him like 5 times ( I am so sad!) Aside from that, I love this show, it's full of myths, legends and Lore which I have always loved.
Season 8 is now showing on Living (super late compared to the US as usual)

This post was going to be about horror movies, but A, I couldn't just pick five and B, I'm going to save it for Halloween. To help me decide tell me what are your favourite Horror movies? Do you like any of the shows that I like? Do you have any suggestions for me to watch? 

Sammy xxx