Fifteen years of H and Sammy

Photo by Carly Wulry Photograms
We have only been blogging buddies for two and a bit years, but H and I's friendship goes back alot further. Fifteen years this week to be exact.

On our first day at Reading College, September 1998 we happened to take seats next to each other and well that was it really.  We thought it would be fun to take you through a little photographic tour of our history together, so here goes.

This photo must have been while we were at College, I am guessing a photobooth in Reading Town Centre.  Everyone needs a photobooth shot though don't they?! circa 1999

Wow, just wow.  This one was taken in Barcelona with our other friend Sam - I know too many Sam's right?!  It was the year 2000, so please do let us off for our fashion/hair! It was Sammy's 18th birthday whilst we were away so we celebrated, Hard! Cola cube flavoured shots anyone?

We think this one was in RG1's nightclub in Reading 2001 one of many wobbly nights out, can't quite remember which one this was. My hair was blonder and H's was very much shorter.

This was while we were on holiday in Tenerife in 2001.  H was just about to go to Uni and so it was a good time to have some quality friendship time before heading off.   When we were there we decided for some reason to go on the bungee rocket - not the safest of rides I am sure - but left us with some memories on tape to laugh about even now.

This was taken just after New Year in 2004, a very wobbly night out at Chicago's in Maidenhead. I (Sammy was going through a divorce from my 1st husband at the time and these girls were such a huge support to me at this time. Couldn't have got through it with out them both. 

This was at Sammy's Birthday in 2007 at the Ivory Lounge in Maidenhead. Drunken eyes here for sure!

CARWASH! Sammy's Hen party in London Summer 2008

Gotta have a selfie shot before there was a thing called a selfie.  This was taken in a port in Menorca back in 2009 before we learnt about better camera angles!  As much as we both love this photo it was one of many that both H and I sited as the motivation for our weight loss journey.

Sam, Sam and H reunited for H's 30th in 2010.

Glaming it up in Essex for our friends birthday, April 2011. 

The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat at Verity's Mad hatter's Picnic in Windsor, August 2011

At our friend Sam's (see Barcelona/H's 30th photo) black and white themed 30th Birthday party, messing around in the photobooth, November 2011

Fashion designer Barbie and Vintage Barbie striking a pose at Kelly's Barbie party April 2012.

Last year we got our Gatsby on at our friend Verity's 30th Birthday party Summer 2012.

Our most recent blog photo shoot with the lovely Carly Wurly Photograms, Summer 2013.  We had such a lovely day with lots of outfit changes, props oh and cake... Lots of cake! .

You may have noticed that there are lots more photos of us over the past few years, It has been so lovely that starting this blog has made us not only closer as friends but take more time to document our friendship. 
We really hope you enjoyed that little look back at our friendship. It was so much fun going back through all of our albums and finding all of these, we had both forgotten a lot of these moments, it was so great to remember all the fun things we have been through together. Here's to many more years to come. 

H and Sammy xxx