Breakthrough Breast Cancer #TLC and the Great Pink Bake Off!

Last week H and I were lucky enough to be invited up to London by the lovely girls at Breakthrough Breast Cancer to visit their head office and hear about all the amazing things they have coming up in preparation for Breast Cancer awareness month in October. 

There was so much to take in, the guys at Breakthrough are always working so hard to heighten awareness of early detection and the first thing we learned more about is their TLC campaign

The idea behind TLC is to help everyone to be aware that the signs and symptoms of breast cancer don't always just show themselves as a lump.

#TLC stands for Touch, Look, Check.

They have produced a pocket sized guide that you can keep with you, We were really surprised as we had always thought that it was only really a lump that you needed to check for.

You can download these leaflets or find out more at Breakthrough's website.

One of the other things we were there to find out about was the Great Pink Bake Off which sounded right up our street.

This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they're asking you to put your pinny on, roll up your sleeves and show breast cancer what you’re made of. On 18 October an army of bakers will hold their own Great Pink Bake Off in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. You can find out more and download a fundraising pack here.  They have designated Friday 18 October as Great Pink Bake Off day but don’t worry if that date doesn’t work for you – you can choose any day in October;  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

David Bright from Bright Cake Design made an amazing cake specially for the occasion too! 

Bea's of Bloomsbury had supplied some yummy cupcakes for everyone so we ate ours whilst checking out some recipes from some familiar faces. 
This new fundraising opportunity has some great people behind it who have donated yummy recipes. Michelle Heaton who at the age of 32 underwent a double mastectomy and re-constructive surgery when she found out she had an 80% chance of developing breast cancer and a 30 per cent chance of developing ovarian cancer after being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene, has shared a healthy cupcake recipe.

Will you rise to the occasion? We do love a good pun!

The thing I love about Breakthrough and why we like supporting them is that they always manage to build a community around their campaigns, the Bake Off is no different, you can head over to the site and show off your baking creations and disasters to the other fundraisers, you can also vote for your favourites.

We had a lovely morning with the guys over at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, we learned so much and had some yummy food. We also found out all about the AW13 fashion and homeware lines, which I will be sharing next month. 

Do you fancy being a part of The Great Pink Bake Off? Head over to the site and get registered!!
Sammy xxx