5 Things I love about: Being Pale

I thought we could all do with a few more lists in our life and what better way to find out a bit more about me, than through my loves and hates.  Each month I will be bringing you a few loves and hates that I hope you will find funny and interesting rather than annoying. But please do feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts as well as if you have a few extras to add onto the list.

I thought we should start with something that took me a long time to love, but once there it's amazing - Being Pale.  As you can see there are so many reasons to love being pale and more importantly I think, is that it makes me who I am.  

1.  I don't get tan lines - probably because I don't tan bet hey. I do however get freckle lines, so a little group of freckles crop up around the strap marks, no so obvious though I guess.

2.  My freckles - I have learnt to love them over the years.  I have them everywhere, especially all over my face, but they make my face less pale and although in the 90's when I wanted that real pale skin look, I do love the fact that I don't look like a ghost.

3.  I always get the shady spot - everyone else wants the sun so I am always guaranteed the shade.  I will always give over a sunny space so that I can read a book in the shade on holiday or in the park.  I burn so easily and then just go back to white again, so there really is no point in sitting in the sun, when I can have just as much fun in the shade.  Plus I avoid any sore burnt bits for the remainder of the holiday.

4.  People think I am younger than I am - my skin seems to like being pale and so I keep looking young even as I grow older. Bonus.  I think my fringe helps with this one too, but because I don't sit in the sun, my skin seems to enjoy it and I always get told I look alot younger than I am.  My genes probably help here too as my parents don't look there age either.

5.  I make everyone else look tanned - as I am so pale, anyone who stands next to me instantly looks tanned.  I am like the white t-shirt you want to wear when you come back from holiday, stand next to me and even the most faded tan will come alive!

Are there any fellow pale people out there, what do you love or hate about it.  One thing I hate about being pale is being told to put a bit of fake tan on if I don't tan naturally.  It would just look weird!

No fake Tan allowed on this H.