5 Things I hate about: Renting/Sharing

Following on from my love post a couple of weeks ago, I thought it only fair to go with some hates here.

Now I don't want to get all down on things, but occasionally there are just some things that really annoy us and so sometimes we just have to let it out, rather than keep it inside right?!

So, as we know, I live in a rented houseshare and there are points at which your landlord or housemates do things that you just wish they wouldn't.  I suppose when you live with a partner you have the same thing, but maybe you feel that you can tell them a little more - or nag as some may call it.  There are the housemates who steal your food or don't clean up after themselves or even the landlords who turn up unannounced, whatever it is, it's just not fun.

To keep a harmonious living environment when you houseshare, I have to keep my clean and tidy preferences concealed a little and not shout at them when I have just cleaned the kitchen and then they go make it just as messy as before - and breathe!  I know I can be a bit OCD about keeping things clean and tidy and so its a constant battle within myself to let things go - or just have inner rage! ha, ha, ha.

So, this seemed like a good list for my 'Things I hate about' post, here goes:

1.  Landlords - Just having to deal with some of the real pains out there just means homelife has extra hassles - no one needs that.  I have been very lucky really in my 12 years of renting that I have only had a few annoying landlords.  You know the ones where they want to know everything about your life, don't give your deposit back or just keep cropping up when you don't want them too.

2.  Not having your own space - This is to do with sharing too.  You have a room but it's difficult to really feel at home when you have to share all your stuff and keep your life in one room.  My room acts as craft room, blog space and bedroom. We have a lounge but sometimes you just want to relax on your own after a long day and so the bed becomes my sofa too.  I can't wait to have my own space to be able to leave out my craft bits without having to pack them away, just so that I can go to bed at night.

3.  Not being able to do what you want to the place.  You have to ask if you want to repaint, you don't want to ask everytime you want to put a picture up and who wants to have crap rental furniture.  Half my life is still at my folks because I have too much furniture and pictures for my houseshare.

4.  Getting woken up by your housemates - whether that's first thing in the morning on your day off or in the middle of the night - it's never fun.  I get really grumpy when I am kept awake or woken up which I am sure is like most people.  It's really annoying when it's your neighbours but even worse in your own house and not feeling like you can speak up so not to cause a fuss.

5.  Only having one shelf in the fridge/freezer.  There is so much I would put in there if I could but fridges are not made for sharers and so if it doesn't fit on the shelf it doesn't go in.  I would love to be one of those people who is able to plan meals for the week to make it cheaper and not have to get food for every couple of days rather than a big shop.

That's it for now, I am sure there are way more than 5 things, but I thought I would keep it simple.  There are many other great things about housesharing too and it does show people's strength of character.  One day I will get my own place and I am sure I will miss the interaction and sharing the bills, but I won't miss the things above!

Anyone got anything they would like to add?  I am sure there have been more than a few funny housesharing stories out there - which annoy you at the time, but make great stories to share.  Add it to the comments below and we can share the fun.

Live it

P.S.  No housemates were harmed in the making of this post, or even the last 12 years!  so far ....