Who's Who: For All We Know

This month our who's who is about Sarah from for all we know, who we met at the Craft Candy Launch back in March.

Her work is very lovely and she has some amazing prints - H especially loves the Hot gossip pattern!

Who are you?
Sarah Haines, designer, producer, artist, maker and project manager!

What do you do?
I develop eco-conscious homewares and graphic art prints.  I love up cycling and often work with second hand ceramics to create new decorative pieces or re-purposed products. This could be a second hand pre-loved plate which is decorated with my designs and kiln fired in Stoke-on-Trent to make a decorative plate.  Or a pretty vintage plate or cup which has been re-purposed into a bird-feeder or a clock!

How did you start?
I've always been interested in making and creating artwork since a child.  I went to art college, then onto a degree in Interior Design, however after a few years it was clear I had better chances of staying employed if I switched my talents and design knowledge to a career in project management.  Even when my day job didn't allow for creativity I continued to create, draw, print, photograph for my own pleasure.  A couple of years ago I was made redundant from a busy Project Management role and I decided to take the opportunity to spend more time on what I loved.  Being creative.  I felt it was time to start braving it, and go alone for a while.

What's Next?
Now that would be telling!  All I can say is fingers-crossed, hopefully I should get some freelance work which will help pay my bills whilst my creative projects continue in the background.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
That's a tricky one.  Perhaps, be good and do your bookkeeping on a daily basis?  Boring but true.  Would I listen? No!

We think Sarah has some pretty sound advice, some which I am sure we all wish we listen to.  Her prints are amazing and I think some definite birthday present ideas I think.

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