Guilty Pleasures: YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Guilty pleasures.  Those little things that bring a smile to your face everytime without fail, that your not quite sure you should admit to. We all have them, whether it's listening to Brittany Spears on full blast and singing along whist no one is watching, or having a Step Up movie marathon.

H and I have a new-ish guilty pleasure and we feel the need to share, we are a little (read: a lot) in love with (UK) beauty You Tube vloggers right now!  Vlogging for those of you who are unsure is Video Blogging (see what they did there) so rather than, or as well a writing a blog you make videos and upload them to YouTube or Viemo.

We have some mutual favourites and some that each of us like more but we are just going to share our top five today.  Despite the fact that most of these girls are quite a bit younger than ourselves, we love watching their videos (hence guilty pleasure not just a normal one). We are pretty sure that we are way off their target demographic, but you can't help but love these girls. I *Sammy* am a little obsessed with their secondary channels too, its the nosey neighbour in me. Their recommendations have even encouraged H to buy and try some new make up (this never happens!) 

I'm sure some of you will know of at least one or two of these girls and if you don't, get over to You Tube and start subscribing, follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram, Internet stalk them as much as you like, go on you know you want to!
(disclaimer: we do not encourage actual stalking)

Louise was our gateway if you will.  We have followed her blog for a few years now as we found her when searching for other UK blogs just at the time we started ours, but didn't really get in to her You Tube channel until recently (we used to just watch her videos on her blog).  Louise is super sweet and comes across as really approachable. She talks about beauty and make up, but also cover more serious subjects and shares her feelings about being plus-sized, her recent plus size look book video prompted me *Sammy* to raid my wardrobe.  Oh and as you can tell from her name she love a bit of glitter, what's not to love!

Watching Zoe is like watching the little sister we never had, she is so damn cute! And boy does she have good taste in products, we have both been out and bought products on her recommendation. (currently loving Bourjois nail vanish remover pot and lip boost crayons)

The beauty vlogger that everyone wants to follow, mainly I think because she is B-E-A-utiful, outside and in! She comes across as such a normal, humble girl with such a genuine nature. Her tutorials are current, achievable and easy to follow. So much so that despite having done a smoky eye on my own for like, forever, I *Sammy* sat make-up brushes in hand the other night and followed her night out smoky eye tutorial for a night out with the girls.

These two gorgeous sisters are like miracle workers with eye-shadow! A little closer to our own ages we feel far less guilty about watching hours of beauty vids from these two gorgeous ladies. Samantha (great name) has her own range of make-up brushes (of which I own quite a few) They also have a digital magazine as well as their blog and You Tube channel. They are both professional make-up artists, they write for magazines and present on Daily Mix. Is there anything these girls can't do? 

H loves this girl, she is super feisty, and blogs about all sorts of things as well as make-up, including baking and fashion. Jess also has a cute Tumblr account too! 

These are just a few of the ones we subscribe to, You Tube in the UK does seem to be a hang out for the young, but not exclusively. I have noticed that the girls from A Beautiful Mess have been uploading more videos on their channel lately and there are tonnes of craft tutorials available too.

We are toying with the idea and have been for a while, of making some crafty videos, what do you think? Should we dip our toes in to the You Tube pond??  I *Sammy* definitely want to start making them, mostly so I can one day maybe film with Louise, I would totally love to have a fun crafting day with Sprinkle of Glitter, How awesome would that be!

What are your current guilty pleasures? Do you watch You Tube videos? Who's channels do you subscribe to? 
Sammy xxx

( All image credits go to each respective vlogger, via their websites. Links above)