Who's Who: Mr X Stitch

This month's Who's Who is all about our favourite male stitcher - Mr X Stitch.

We have managed to catch up with him at a few shows and he is a very lovely guy and  he usually has biscuits - so as you can imagine, he is a winner with us.
You may remember we blogged about him last year when we met him at the 'Stitch and Craft' show and he signed our copy of his book 'Push Stitchery

So, let's find out a bit more about him!

Who are you?
I'm Jamie Chalmers aka Mr X Stitch

What do you do?
I run the world's best contemporary embroidery and needlecraft site.

How did you start?
I started cross stitching about ten years ago and got frustrated at the apparent lack of cool cross stitch patterns in the marketplace, so I started making my own. After a while I decided to start a blog, which began focusing on contemporary stitched art from around the world and the rest is history! I still enjoy cross stitching and designing new patterns, but it's interesting to have become a contemporary art curator via the internet.

What's Next?
All manner of things. I'm embarking on a couple of new stitched projects, one involving phrases from Urban Dictionary, as well as an exciting project on the website that will take Mr X Stitch to the next level. There are many, many other projects that I'm involved in, but not many that I can talk about right now! 

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
To realise that it takes a very long time to be an overnight success and that you'll still be slogging away at the site every day in five years' time. The good news is that stitching is excellent, so you're in a good place. Oh, and watch out for roller derby - it'll change your life!

Check out his website for what he is getting up to these days as he is always doing something new!

H & Sammy

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