Love it: My 30th Year Scrapbook

You may remember me talking about a scrapbook I was working on when I posted about Our Home earlier in the year.  I took an on-line Art Journalling course last year from the girls at A Beautiful Mess and this is what came out of it.  I thought I would share some more of the pages with you now that it's finished.

The idea of the journal was not only to document my 30th year but for me to try and be a little more relaxed about how I paper-craft. I am a perfectionist so I wanted to try and step out of my comfort zone and create something a little more free than my usual tidy style. I worked in 8x8 and made my own binder. 

I used the rings from an old folder and a cardboard box to create the album, then covered it in fabric. I spent the last year collecting magazine pages and scrapbook paper that I loved and used them to make the bases of my pages.

'Love is all you need' was the theme of my 30th year so this magazine page was a perfect opening title.

One of the first pages was a month by month list of all the amazing things I got up to. It runs from March (my Birthday month) to February this year, again decorated with magazine images that I liked embellished with glitter and chipboard.

Some of my favourite pages are the party pages, of course a few of my friends also turned 30 last year so the pages of photos that document their parties are some of the best memories of the year. With so many photos from those occasions I used Picasa to create collages and printed them out on our home printer. I like the page from my 30th party because I got to use the name tags I made for our drinking straws to document who came.

This colourful page brings back all the memories of the night and how much fun it was putting the buffet table together.

This is the Our Home page I shared in April, it was so fun running around the house, documenting my favourite spots.

I added a few little wooden embellishments to the opposite page with some journalling 'Hands build and house, heart build a home'

Another thing I wanted to document was all the fab TV and Movies we saw, I picked out some busy magazine pages and added two project life cards with two lists, one for each page.

Here is another one of those Party pages, This was Kelly's Barbie Party.   This one was special because I got to help with a lot of the decorating for the party, which was so much fun. I was really happy when I found the perfect scrapbook paper for the opposite page too.

This page was dedicated to our girls summer holiday in Spain. I wanted to include as many photos as possible so I put the journalling on a half page in-between the double page spread. Then embellished some tags and stickers over the collages.

Another page, another party, Verity's Gatsby garden party! It was such a hot day but we had a ball. I was on official photographer duty as well as getting to enjoy the party so I had a hard time choosing which photos made the cut, but there seemed to be such an obvious colour connection with this set that worked so well.

Some of the final pages documented some special feelings I had about my friends. This one is dedicated to Helen and Verity. We had a photo together at our friend Claire's wedding in November which worked so well because I wanted to document how proud I was of these two girls. Verity ran the London Marathon for the second time, we went up to London to see her cross the finish line, She is such an inspiration. And my friend Helen lost her Mum to breast cancer last May, She is so strong and brave.  Steve and I have the honour of being her wedding photographers next year, it's going to be such a magical day. 

I hope you enjoyed that little peek into some of the pages from my 30th year album. It was so much fun to create and really helped me to remember what an awesome year I had. Trying a different style was fun too. I will definitely be making more of these albums, I am thinking of making a 'friends and family' album next, with a page dedicated to each person who is special in my life. 

I hope this may encourage you to have a go at printing out and documenting some more of your photos.
Sammy xxx

H and I are away on holiday at the moment, we will read and reply to all of you comments when we get back <3