Link for the week: Niki Feijens

Creepy: The occupants of this abandoned farmhouse are long gone, but their belongings remain; from the paintings hanging on the walls to the neatly made bed
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I found this article while I was looking for something else - like you do.

This artist takes photos of abandoned places, places which could entirely be lived in, if it wasn't for the fact you know that it has been years in which they have been lived in.

A bit of blurb from the article: "His Disciple of Decay series features abandoned family homes that must once have been filled with conversation and laughter, but now house only the crumbling belongings of their former occupants.
One picture shows a bedroom that remains almost exactly as it was left, from the paintings hanging on the walls, to a television on a chest of drawers and a lace covering on the dressing table.
Another reveals a darkened living room with ornaments lining a sideboard, and a pair of shoes resting on the floor in front of an empty armchair.
Other images capture buildings in far worse states of repair, from the crumbling ceiling in a once-grand piano room, to a rotting table and chairs in an abandoned farmhouse."

I think they make some very beautiful pictures, if not a bit eerie.  But sometimes that's what makes them so intriguing right?

Anyone else I should have a look at?  let me know in the comments below.

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