Link for the week: Archie Grand notebooks

I have had a long found love for Archie Grand since I first saw the notebooks in London Graphic Centre and so I thought it time to share the love with you lovely people.

The notebooks are a great size, not quiet A5 but a bit slimmer, making them perfect for carrying around.  I also love the fact that they have plain paper, giving me the opportunity to draw or write wherever I like. Plus they come in lots of lovely colours.
multiple blank journals

They are just notebooks I hear you say, yes, but on the front them have these fab little sayings, which just make me smile and I think that makes them a perfect present for someone who has the job or temperament that they are suggesting.

You can go for: Artists I met and Liked, Directors I met and Liked, Blondes I met and Liked or even Husbands I had and Liked, to name but a few. Plus they look lovely all fitting on the shelf next to each other.

I think the next one should be 'bloggers I met and liked' don't you?

Love it