Holiday packing top tips

It's that time of year, when you dream of sunny skies and a pool and if your lucky you actually get to see it! Sammy and I are off on our Holidays next week and so it's definitely at the forefront of our minds.  Especially with this changeable weather we have been having in the UK, it has made me definitely want to find some sun - well under a sun shader and with factor 30 on at least!

Also, with me being an organised person, I thought it might be fun to show you some packing tips.  Honestly organisation and fun do go together - sometimes!  Well for the geek in me it does anyway.

1.  First things first, make a big old list a few days before you pack.  I always make a list of everything that needs to go with me and so I have it in front of me to add to it as I go.  This means that you get the essentials down and then as you think of things you can remind yourself to do it when you actually pack.

2.  Pool your resources.  If your going on holiday with friends or a boyfriend, do what you can to make sure you are only taking one of everything.  For example, one hairdryer, one set of shampoo/conditioner, one massive bottle of aftersun etc.  It really does help in keeping those bags down to the low weights we now get given on cheap airlines.  Also it means that there is less stuff for each of you to pack or forget!

3.  Roll your clothes instead of folding them.  I got this tip a while ago and it really does help.  Rolling your clothes means that they can pad out shoes to keep them in shape aswell as having less creases in your clothes when you get to your destination.  Who wants to iron while on holiday and things do tend to take up less space when rolled, an added bonus.

4.  Use mini-bottles wherever possible for toiletries - reusable ones of course as buying the mini versions of things is far too expensive.  It means you can fit more in and there is less weight, bonus.  Or if decanting all your products is too much - when you get towards the bottom of bottles at home, save them for your holidays, so that you can use them up and throw it when you leave as they are finished. more room for presents on the way home!

5.  Pack your everyday essentials near the top as you will probably be using these the morning before you fly anyway.  This means that you don't forget to pack it or forget what you have already packed and then need to root around in the suitcase for it.

Those are just a few of my hints and tips.  I am sure you have lots of tips of your own and so I would love to hear them.  Just add a comment below, to help us with our packing.

Live it