Make it: House of Wonderland Cupcake Necklace

Hey guys, today we have a guest tutorial for you from House Of Wonderland.  You may remember their awesome heart necklace we featured back in January. We will now hand over to the lovely Tessa.

 For this tutorial you will need:
Jump ring
Necklace chain

Begin With a Fimo cupcake base.  
These can be purchased or made by hand using a mould. 

Using decoden faux whipped cream 
(available on, randomly pipe on a creamy topping 

Use handmade embellishments, 
crystals and cabochons to embellish your cupcakes!  

Insert a screw hook if you wish to make your charm into a necklace 

Let your charms dry for 24 hours.  
Attach a jump ring when dry 

Secure a chain to your necklace and your done! 

Hope you had fun learning how to make a cupcake necklace with me. 
If your still not sure you want to attempt one of your own shop HOW's decoden cupcake necklaces at: 

House of Wonderland have also made this as a pdf available for you to Download for free.


© House Of Wonderland 2012. All rights reserved 

Check back later for your chance to win one of these!!