Friday Favourites: Dream Destinations

As H and I are on holiday this week it got me thinking about dream destination holidays, these are my top five. A little unconventional, you will notice no beaches, all cities and three are in the USA, because I am a bit of a fan of America. I have been lucky enough to have visited four out of five of my dream holiday locations before, but I still dream of returning someday.

New York City, the Big Apple. H and I visited for New Years in 2004/5 and it was epic. We managed to do a lot in our five days there, but I feel there is so much still to see.

Barcelona, Spain. One of my favourite European cities, mostly because of the architecture, I am a big fan of Antonio Gaudi and the city is filled with his buildings. I spent a week there on a college trip when I was 18 and fell in love with the place.

Disney World Resort, Florida. I have always been a Disney fan and visited the park when I was seven, I dream of going back with my children one day to share the magic of this place with them. 

Venice, Italy. One of the only countries I have never visited is Italy and I would love to go one day. Venice in particular because of the gondoliers and the beautiful masks that are created there.

My family along with two others went as a big group for two weeks to Los Angeles and Las Vegas when I was 15. Despite not being old enough to gamble we had the most amazing time. A friend of mine is planning on going there for her Hen Party next year, so I am hoping to save up and return to this crazy town.

What are your dream holiday locations? Do you prefer lounging in a beach paradise or exploring a city like I do?

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

We are away on holiday at the moment, we will read and reply to all of you comments when we get back