Love It: Woking College Show 2013

For the last few weeks at work we have had Woking College at the museum to showcase their students work.  I started at the museum around this time last year and so aswell as seeing all the amazing work, it's a bit of a milestone for me.

The work the students do in fine art, photography, textiles and Design and technology is truly amazing and I do wish I could be as good as them now, let alone when I was their age.

They take over most of the museum with their work and so I thought it would be nice to show you what we have this year, along with a few of my favourites.

It always amazes me that these students are only 17 or 18 years old and makes me want to go back to sketching and experimenting.  I think that will be my next task, getting back to my experimenting self, rather than just the finished piece.

Love it


  1. Ah I'm from Woking! My step sister goes there so I'll have to check in and see if her work was on display. What a talented bunch of students!
    Leanne at Knit me a cake x

    1. Well hey there neighbour. I'm afraid it's been taken down now. Onto the next exhibition! Come say hi anytime!


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