Who's who: Holloway Smith Noir

For this month's who's who we decided to get a little sexy and quirky and decided to focus on HollowaySmith Noir, which is the collaboration between sisters Alice Holloway- Smith (technical prowess) and Sophie Holloway (va va voom). Together they create luxury bespoke lingerie, burlesque costumes and their unique range of teasewear accessories - so not for the faint hearted (check out the pictures, woo wee)

Inspired by Weimar cabaret, Parisian junk shops and sapphic literature, their work is destined to spark erotic imagination and kindle boudoir poetry. Holloway Smith Noir is committed to best ethical practice: their bespoke teasewear uses hand sourced vintage or organic materials, delicately handcrafted in their Holborn Studio.

Just so that you can get a little insight into the world of Holloway Smith Noir we asked the girls a few questions.

How did you start?
Established in 2010 Holloway Smith Noir are stocked in luxury lingerie boutiques across the globe. Our cheeky sellers can be found making mischief weekly at The Wam Bam Club, Miss Polly Rae’s Between the Sheets and a luxe collection is available at Proud Cabaret, London.
Their costume clients are some of the top performers on the London and international burlesque/cabaret scene including Lady Alex, The Wam Bam Club, Miss Betsy Rose, Jo Foley and Cabaret Rouge.

We started our business by supplying a small vintage inspired ethical lingerie brand with tassels to go with their range. Miss Va Va Voom then came on board and the company began selling products at the Wam Bam Club on Saturdays. After a succession of costume work with Lady Alex from the Wam Bam Club we began dressing the toast of the London and International Cabaret and Burlesque scene.

What's Next?
This year we are very excited to be launching some new products to our teasewear range. Including a sparkling thong tease gift set that will be launched for AW13.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
The only advice I would give myself would be patience. When you start a business with lots of ambition it can sometimes be frustrating when you haven't become a success overnight or even in a couple of years. You do every little thing you can and worry constantly that their aren't enough hours in the day but actually like anything that you want to be sustainable and last a long time, you have to carefully grow it so that you build the foundations for a successful future. Knowing when its ok to just do something tomorrow and being patient with your success.

We saw some of the girls work when we went to the Proud Cabaret last year and we can tell you, its amazing.  If you are after something a little different for well, whatever reason you want really, why not check them out!

Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy

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