Review: Check my box

We were sent a lovely little package from the guys at Checkmybox a few weeks ago.
Hannah and Francesca from Checkmybox make modern D.I.Y. Jewellery and Accessory kits for people to enjoy making their own pieces and learn some jewellery making techniques along the way. They work out of a studio in the famous Custard Factory in Birmingham, with their kits and workshops keeping them very busy. The Checkmybox kits are so on trend that we are sure these girls are on the up.

Their website is beautiful, with lovely images of their kits and ready made jewellery. They also run workshops from their studio and have kits designed for hen parties! We are in love with the takeaway box style packaging.

We chose the Ombre Seed Bead Bracelet Kit to test out as everyone loves a bit of Ombre don't they!

In the Kit you will find:
Instruction leaflet
Seed Beads
Curb Chain
Jump rings
Lobster clasp

The instruction leaflet takes you through step by step and the only other thing you will need is a pair of pliars and a flat surface.  The bracelet is simple to make and as long as you have the patience with smaller beads (Sammy loves beading and H has to yet be persuaded) it will not take you too long at all.

H: I cut the Tigertail to the length that was suggested in the instructions but I found that this made it difficult as it was a little too short to get the recommended (10 of each) beads on and be able to grab it in the crimps.

Sammy: I just cut the Tigertail piece into 6 by halving and halving again to get the lengths, this gave me much more to work with and you can always cut away anything that is too long.

H: You get more beads than the suggested, so you could always add more if you want.  But the suggestion in the instructions of 10 of each looks good. To clamp the crimps onto the Tigertail is easy and once you have done one strip, you know what to do and so its easy to do all six.  You will then have to plait the beads I  would suggest having your jump ring ready to put on before you plait as it will come undone if you let it go.

Sammy: I found the Instructions to be very easy to follow, with cute little recommendations along the way. As a reasonably experienced jewellery maker I found it kept my interest, as it wasn't too simple. I did find the plaiting in this kit a little tricky as the jump ring they were attached to kept twisting as I plaited, so I clamped it in a bulldog clip that I had taped to my desk to give it some stability, then it was fine.

H: We have both made the bracelets up, just as instructed, but as I can't wear anything that isn't Sterling silver, I am going to change the chain to cord and swap the rings for silver ones so I can wear it.  It was a great little kit though and would be a great gift idea for someone who likes the idea of making their own but does not have all the equipment.  It might even inspire them to get a kit to move on with.

Sammy: I have made a lot of bracelets in my time and I don't usually buy kits, but I felt like this one with it's attractive packaging made me move out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed having a go at a new style and using different techniques. I will definitely be making some more like this using some supplies I have for myself, and sending my friends to CheckMyBox to get their own kits.

Make it
H & Sammy

Disclaimer: We were sent the Checkmybox Ombre Bracelet Kit for the purpose of this review.