*New* F.A.Q.

As we have been writing this blog for two years now, we have accumulated a few 'Frequently Asked Questions' so we have added an FAQ tab to the top of our blog. 

We thought we would share it with you today

How Long have you been Blogging?
Three and a half years!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Blog about what you love, your passion will come across in you writing. Use spell check, I (Sammy) am really bad at grammar and punctuation, Luckily I have H to check my posts. Take interesting photos, you don't need a fancy camera, but make them well lit and fun!

Do you take all the photos for your blog and if so what camera equipment do you have/use ?
The majority of the photos you will see on our blog are our own. Sammy has a Canon 5D and a 60D and H has recently bought herself a Canon 1100D after borrowing Sammy's for a while. Photography is a semi profession for Sammy as she used to (and occasionally still does)  photograph weddings and  is a passion for both of us. If we use anyone else's photos we will always give credit. 

Can I use one of your Photographs on my blog?
As long as you link back and credit us

Can I use one of your posts on my blog?
If you would like to feature us on your blog, make sure you link back to our blog and give us credit please, and of course let us know so we can tweet to tell our readers to take a look at your blog <3

Do you follow other blogs, If so which ones?
Yes, lots! You can see our blog feed in bloglovin and check out our favourite blogs in this post.

Can I interview you for my blog/Magazine?

Can I write a Post for you?
Yes, we love to feature guest posts from other bloggers and designer/makers. Email usliveit.loveit.makeit@gmail.com and we can discuss it further. 

Can you write a post for my blog?
Yes we are always happy to contribute to other blogs/magazines if we feel the subject is relevant to our  experience as crafters and our lives. Contact us in the usual way liveit.loveit.makeit@gmail.com
We have been featured in Reloved Magazine, Mollie Makes, and Pretty Nostaligic in 2014

Can you review our product/service?
We love reviewing new things, Send us an email to liveit.loveit.makeit@gmail.com and we will see if it meets our blog review post guidelines. 

Height: 5ft 7ish           Age: 34
Hair colour: Blonde          Marital status: Single

 What's a typical day like for you?  
A typical day, wow, this one is tough.  Like most people I would think it changes so much.   I work in a Museum called The Lightbox  in the Learning department and so it can vary between School visits or school holiday activities, adult workshops or community work with hospices, homeless charities and local disability groups.  I wake up around 7.30-8am daily (I can't even sleep in at weekends these days) and walk the 20mins to work.  It's quite nice being able to walk to work as I feel a little more ready for the day.  I usually buy my lunch on the way and so that's that part done already for the day. 
If we have a school visit it is normally in the morning and so it's making sure everything is ready and then its a whirlwind 2 hours of taking them around the Gallery or showing them how to make something, such as Shrink Plastic or dioramas.  If it is during the School holidays then its making sure the studio is ready for the afternoon session (we do 4 workshops a week during the holidays).  Which basically means all craft materials and equipment is out and ready for the kick-off later.  Adult sessions can be morning or afternoon, it's just where we can fit them in really, there are only 2 of us and one studio so sometimes it gets a bit busy.
Then, when those sorts of things are done, its making sure Volunteers are booked for visits/workshops, working on future projects, making sure we have all the equipment we need for these workshops, checking emails and all those other things that need to get done.  I would say I spend 80% of my time running sessions and then the other stuff happens around it.  When I leave around the 5.30pm mark (this is very rare to be this early) I walk home, sometimes via the supermarket to get tea.  Then its home, tea, a bit of TV, maybe fire up the old laptop and then pass out, shattered.

Where do you live?
I live in Woking, Surrey.  It's a bit of a change from my previous life of 4 years in London.  But it's close to work and only about 30mins from Waterloo for catching back up with my London life.  I have also lived up north when I was at Uni, in Hull and Lincoln and of course in Reading when we were at College.  I wonder where I will end up next?

You work with kids, do you enjoy your job?
I do, I think I have a mind of a child as I love to experiment and have fun, more than the actual outcome.  I love showing children how to make stuff and so I think I have (finally) found my perfect job.

What's your favourite food to eat? 
This is sooooo hard, I LOVE food and it's so difficult to choose.  I think though I would say Spaghetti Bolognaise as its proper comfort food and so easy to make.  For pudding, I will ALWAYS order Bannoffee Pie if it's on a menu!

What's your favourite food to make?
Really simple things like Spaghetti Bolognaise as above or my version of Eton Mess:  Strawberries or Raspberries with Yogurt and Ginger Nut biscuits crunched up, yum, yum, yum.

What shops do you like?
Again, like Sammy, Dorothy Perkins and New Look have to be in my life. I also love Joy Clothing ( in London and on-line) and Oliver Bonas if I am feeling flush.  I love a bit of a bargain aswell and so love H&M and Debenhams for good Sale items.

What your favourite craft?
Anything that involves me making something personal for a friend.  I love trying new crafts but currently its paper cutting or printing.

Height: 5'4''             Age:32
Hair colour: Brunette, sometimes more purple than anything       Marital status: Happily Married

What's a typical day like for you?
On a work day Monday-Thurday and Saturday, I usually get up about 8.30 am (it's a struggle, not a morning person) and get to my shop Sew Crafty for 9.30 am. I usually have an order to put together, or a rep to see, or an order to put away in-between serving customers. At Lunch time I usually pop up in to town, maybe sneak in to the worlds smallest Newlook or Dotty P's to check out what's new before heading back to the shop to eat my lunch. The afternoon is normally paperwork, Vat returns, or filing again whilst serving our lovely customers. Usually helping out Textile students with their projects (probably my fave customers) by which time it is 5.30pm and time to head home. I feed the cats and catch up with Steve whilst I cook our dinner, which we eat usually whilst watching a movie. then it's up to the craft room to write a blog post or make some thing pretty. I am a night owl so bed time isn't usually until late/early opps! 

Where do you live?
I  live in Maidenhead, a  medium sized town in Berkshire, about 45 mins outside London. I grew up here, I lived in Reading for three years when I was at college then moved back to run Sew Crafty with my Mum 10 years ago.

Any plans for kids?

What pets do you have?
We have a ginger and white tom called Bailey and an itty bitty black and white girl called Stella

Do you take commissions for drawings?
I'm sorry no, I just draw for fun.

What shops do you like?
We are a little limited in Maidenhead for shops, but I like Newlook, Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize, Our local art shop Bovilles and we have a wicked Thai shop that does a mean green curry. On-line I like Asos, Oasis, River Island mostly high street, any place that does Plus size clothes and of courseEtsy.com

What your favourite craft?
Too many to choose from... but I would have to say customising clothes and paper-crafts.

Any more questions, Email, tweet, comment or ask us on Facebook.

H and Sammy xxx