*New* All About Us

It is our blog birthday all this week as it is two years since H and I started our blogging journey. 

We thought it was about time we updated our 'About Us' page. 
Hey there, so firstly welcome to our blog. 
We are H (the Blonde) and Sammy (the Brunette). 

We met on our first day of college in 1998 and have been friends ever since. As well as our day jobs (Sammy runs a Haberdashery shop and H works at a museum) we run workshops and classes in sewing and crafts, so keep an eye on our 'Make it' page to see what we are up to. We also love a day out and so please do let us know if there is anywhere we should check out as H does LOVE to explore.

When we meet up, we, like most girls like to shop (apart from a blog meeting of course) and eat gorgeous food! (that always happens)  But the main thing is that we always try to look at things a little differently, things that we could make rather than just buy. Sammy loves to shop and always gets H in a Haberdashery/craft shop at some point, no matter where we are.

Our blog is about what we love and we want to share it with YOU, we would like encourage you guys to use your own skills, whatever they may be, to make your lives more creative. It could be exploring a new place, creating something special for yourself or a friend, or perhaps just finding out an interesting titbit that you never knew before, we know it will be a lot of fun along and way!

With over 30 years of crafting experience between us, we are always here to answer any crafting questions you might have, Email us at liveit.loveit.makeit@gmail.com or tweet us @livelovemake.

The thing we love most about blogging as a team is that you get the benefit of two points of view. We love a lot of the same things (that's why we are friends) but we also have our own opinions and styles and we love to share. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our Lives, our Loves and our Makes!

Come chat to us any time and do let us know if we should check anything out.

Hope you enjoyed that little peak in to who we are and pop over to check out our favourite posts.
Check back tomorrow for a fab birthday give-away!
H and Sammy xxx