Live it: Milestones

2013 is a big year for me, I am celebrating lots of milestones, both professional and personal.
Later this month it's going to be two years since H and started writing Live it. Love it. Make it, last weekend was my shops 10 year anniversary, in September it will be 15 years since I met H and October marks my 5th Wedding anniversary and 8 years to the day that I met my lovely Steve, also it will forever be the year I said goodbye to my lovely Grandpa.

Our blog turns two this year, we have so many plans, goals and ideas for the future. 
H and I in Essex April 2011, just one of many photos of the two of us from almost 15 years of friendship. 

It was seven years at Christmas that we moved into our now home at 3 High Street and last weekend it was 10 years since we were handed the keys to the Sewing Centre. 

Steve and I on our Wedding Day October 2008. We met online, our first date was on the 19th of October 2005, Steve asked me to marry him on the 19th of October 2006 and two years later on 19th of October 2008 we became Husband and wife. I remember a girl in the pub we were in on our first date asking how long we had been together, she was shocked when we said a couple of hours, she said, you look like you were made for each other. 

My Grandpa and I when I was little, on Holiday in Swanage. He passed away in March this year at the grand age of 92, he had had a long life and it was just his time but I still miss him everyday.

I am so thankful that H and I started this blog, it has been such a lovely way to share our lives, all our milestones and goals that we have achieved. The support we have had and all the new friends we have made, it has been really special. We are looking forward to many more exciting experiences in our future.
What Milestones do you have this year, are you getting married, having a baby or celebrating an anniversary? We would love to hear about them.

Sammy xxx