Link for the Week: Mark Webber

Whilst at work last week I got my digital version of Creative Review in my inbox, always a nice treat!

I love checking out what's new in Design, it takes me back to my design roots and makes me feel all arty.

I saw an article about Mark Webber (not the Formula One driver).  He is an artist from my old neck of the woods in Reading and he does Lino prints with a difference.

He makes such largescale pieces of work that for his latest one of Berlin he is asking if anyone has a steamroller so that he can ink it up to print it!  Now that's making it a little different to the usual lino prints! 
The idea is that he maps out a place using all the roads and area names makes a large scale lino cut of a city like London or Berlin.  The video which is attached to the link above is amazing to watch and I can only imagine he has some serious repetitive strain on his wrists.

If you want to know more, you can also check out his website, it's well worth a look.

Love it