Link for the Week: Our Button Jewellery Workshop

Come to our next workshop over at Norden Farm in Maidenhead - you know you want to! We will be making Button Jewellery on Thursday 27th June from 7-8.30pm and all for £15. You can find out more information and book at the link below:

We will show you how to make bracelets or necklaces using the many tubs of buttons we have.  You can learn how to make jewellery for yourself or as gifts and get some inspiration for further jewellery ideas. 

Why not make something special for a friend or even a distinctive piece to go with an outfit for that wedding or party this summer.  There is nothing like someone asking where you got it from to make you feel so good when you say you made it yourself.  Also, if you have some buttons at home you would like to use, then please do bring them along and we can add them to your piece to make it extra special.

Looking forward to it already.