Workspace: Cinnibonbon

This months creative space comes courtesy of Luz of Cinnibonbon who was found through the wonders of Instagram, so go see what she is up to and see more of the beautiful white cat!

Where is your space?
I have a dedicated room in my house for it. This is my 4th house where I've had a dedicated space for crafting.

What do you do in it?
I scrapbook, journal, do genealogy research, use mixed-media for drawing and journaling. Surf the Internet for blogs and just general overall goodness.  I also do "project life" and "one little word" for scrapping. I am a photography student in Washington DC and I have a small section of my space dedicated to my photos.

Why do you like it?
I love the space because I have surrounded myself with things what make me smile! The colour palette (grey, white, pink) started with the French chair my husband gave me as a house warming gift when we bought this house last year.  Other things I love about the room : my vintage family photos, the Eiffel Tower, some of my sketches and plenty of things covered in glitter. Plus items given to me by family and Internet friends. Oh yes and the pink ceiling!

What would make it better?
More nature lighting and more windows. I would like to redo this room in a softer tone. Perhaps whites, taupes and sea blue colours.

Luz's room looks so beautiful and calm and with a quote like that on your wall your bound to go far!  
Big thanks to Luz for sharing her Cinnibonbon space with us.

Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy

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