Love it: Pop Up Shops

Pop-up shops are currently opening up everywhere you look and if it's not a shop it's a restaurant in a retail unit or living room (for a supper club type affair).  For anyone who doesn't already know pop-up shops are basically short-term sales spaces that are fitted out to utilise a retail unit whether that be in-between lets or more recently for units that are laying empty for longer periods of time. 

As I mentioned these first started coming about with restaurants and perhaps even Christmas time short lets, but now these pop-ups have been utilised by craft collectives to showcase their work and use the designer/makers as volunteer shop staff to keep them going.

I thought I would talk about a couple that I have come across and perhaps you can find some and tell us where they are to check them out.
I am sure you have heard us talk about the Craft Coop over in Maidenhead and you can see a few posts here and here.  We also did a who's who with them right back in early 2012 and you can also find out a bit more about their current pop-up in Maidenhead town centre here.

I also managed to have a look at the We Make London pop-up shop in Camden Market this week, which I have been meaning to go to for a few weeks.  A few of our friends have got some of their wares in the shop and so it was a good excuse to go take a nosey when I knew Becky from The Craft Closet was on duty. You can see their kits in the photo above.

Plus I had seen a sneak peek on their website and had my eye on one of the 'I am acrylic' blackbird necklaces - top picture.  (which I can safely say I got, oh yes and another necklace from Boobou jumped into my bag!) I did just about manage to leave the rest of the shop behind though, but Kate Rowland's rocket earrings are next on my list I think! (see below)
So, if you see a pop-up shop go check it out and if you happen to be in Maidenhead or London, do check out the shops above as you won't be disappointed.  You will, however have a lighter purse when you leave as there are so many lovely products in store for you to buy something really unique and special as a present or just for yourself!

Live it