Declutter your life - Part Two

Last Thursday I took you through how to start a de-clutter in your life and I promised that this week would give you some hints and tips for all that stuff you now have bagged up.  Hopefully will have a good few bags full like these ones of mine!

For everything you have bundles up ready to go, you have a few options:

Take to your local Charity shop, I like to alternate between a local charity and a more national one for my bags of goodies.  My local shop even gives me a card so that they can gift aid and they let me know how much my stuff has made each year.  Nice to know it's going to a good home and it's giving the charity some much needed funds.

The good condition items (including items still with tags) could go on ebay or taken to a car boot sale to make some extra cash.  I have found I get much better results with brand names or items that have not been worn much, if at all.

You could see if you can customise anything - perhaps you would wear it if it was shorter/longer or less faded.  This is where a sewing machine or some clothing dye would come in handy.  You could add some extra material to the bottom of a dress or make your Jeans into cut-offs or a skirt perhaps.

You can take beads off of the jewellery, use the findings again and make new necklaces or earrings.  Just because it doesn't work as one piece of jewellery doesn't mean it won't work for something else.  I love taking apart necklaces and making earrings or brooches, especially ones I have no use for anymore or the ones you find in car boots.  As I mentioned before I have to be picky with my jewellery as I am allergic to nickel, so If I love something, I can always make it into something else!

Your Jewellery could be sent away to a worthwhile cause for recycling - they take broken jewellery too so don't woryy about that.  A few I have sent to include The Alzheimers SocietyDiabetes UK and Marie Curie, all information can be found on their websites.

There are even places you can send your good condition old bra's too!  Don't throw them away, send them to Against Breast Cancer or Oxfam, more details can be found on there websites.  They are both very worthwhile causes and mean that someone out there has the benefit of something you no longer need and we all know they are going to end up in landfill otherwise.

Plenty of options for all that stuff you had before, that could now have a new lease of life, either with someone else or from what your imagination can do with it!