Workspace: Boogaloo studios

This months creative space comes from Jenny from Boogaloo studios who has done some amazing needle felting most recently which caught H's eye.  Needle felting has been hard for us to love, but Jenny makes it look so easy and she does such cute creatures.  She is planning to use her embroidery as inspiration which we think is a great idea!

Where is your space? 
My creative space is in the guest bedroom of my condo. 

What do you do in it?
I paint, cut, stitch, felt....pretty much anything and everything crafty you can think of.

Why do you like it?
I absolutely love my craft space. I love that it's in a separate room rather than out in the open. I can close the door and have some privacy if I wanted to. 

What would make it better?
That's an easy one and I can say it one word.....Bigger. :)

Jenny's space is very inspirational and pretty so thanks go to her for sharing with us.

Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy