Sammy's What's in my bag

I always love a 'what's in my handbag' post on other peoples blogs, it connects with my nosy tendencies. I love to see what other people wear and how they live, so I thought it was about time I did my own.

My Mum calls me Mary Poppins, I usually just chuck everything in and hope for the best. She is amazed that I ever find anything in my bag. I thought I would share with you what made the cut from my old bag to my new summer one.

1. A pencil case, full of Biros, sharpies and pencils, for note taking the old fashioned way.
3. Small scissors and tape measure
4. My glasses, I don't have to wear these all the time, but when my eyes get tired from working on close up jewelery etc. they help to avoid headaches.
5. My purse, I Love River Island purses, they have loads of space for cards and bits and bobs.
6. My trusty iPhone, complete with Kate Spade cover.
7. Keys. Including a collection of cute key chains, an acrylic cup cake, a gift from my Auntie, a cross stitched heart from the Curiosity project gift swap and a suede skull I made myself.
8. Our 'Live it. Love it. Make it.' business cards in one of our mobile phone cases I'm using a s a card holder. We get our cards from
9. A note book (one of many) my blog diary and a USB stick full of photos.
10. A random collection of bits including hair clips, Clear thread, Odd buttons, a ribbon rose, and a tissue holder I made.

That's the contents and this is what it's going in! Isn't it lush, my new summer handbag. From M&S of all places, you may recognise it from my style Wishlist.
I love that it have lots of compartments inside to separate all my stuff, hopefully making it easier to find everything.

During taking the above photos my gorgeous cats Bailey and Stella tried to give me a hand, how can I be annoyed at these cute faces.
Are you having a Handbag clear-out for spring? What are you essentials?

Sammy xxx