Book Review: Red Ted Art Book

Last week I won the Red Ted Art Book by Maggy Woodley from a competition on a blog we follow called Minieco.  I'm a sucker for a competition and haven't won anything before, so it was a lovely surprise and a great book for planning some more activities for my work at The Lightbox.

It is a book that has around 60 children's art and crafts activities to do and using mainly recycled bits aswell, so it plays on the fact that you can use bits that you already have to make something fun and amazing with your children rather than buying expensive art materials.

I had a flick through last week in a bit of a blur from the Easter Holiday activities and then got chance to actually look through it properly at the weekend - after a bit of rest.

It has some great ideas in the book and it is divided up into different sections by materials mainly, but with a Christmas/Halloween section on its own at the back.  The book all starts with what you can make using nut shells, so you know its going to be good!

There are toilet roll marionettes, rock families, animal masks, sock Octopus, egg carton fairy lights, and Advent calendar bunting amongst many many more items to make, so plenty to keep you busy.

The book is very easy to follow and the best bit is that it's got a UK author who uses all manner of items that us UK crafters will actually be able to get hold of here, rather than bemoaning the fact that we don't have things like that in the UK.

My favourite projects are the shell magnets, fabric mache bowls and making Halloween (Pumpkin) heads out of oranges, so I think I will get started on those first.

You can buy the book from most places but its around £10 on amazon, so that might be a good place to start.

Big thanks go to Kate at Minieco and the publishers Square Peg for my copy.

I think I will be making these projects for myself and any children around me will just have to wait!

Love it