Love it: Sammy's Home

Last year I took the 'Life is Beautiful' E-course from the girls over at 'A Beautiful Mess' (my favourite blog like ever) in an effort to get back into real life documenting, i.e. not just shoving all my photos on Facebook. So for the last six months I have been putting together a scrapbook/photo journal of 'My 30th Year' It's coming along really well and I will share once I have finished it. I have included alot of photo collages, which I put together using Picassa. One of my favourite pages so far is the one dedicated to our Home, so I thought I would share it with you, like a sneak peak.

Left to right, top to bottom:

The fabric scraps wreath hung on my craft room door.

Our Mr & Mrs wooden sign, and the little one above says 'Happy ever after begins today', our cat Bailey loves to sit on this window sill and push these off the sill one by one, we often hear them bounce down the stairs. 

My shoe rack in our bedroom, normally there are more shoes on the floor than on the rack, this was a tidy day. 

This little arrangement is on our sideboard in the lounge, the Lamp was a moving in present from H, and the canvas was made by me, it is the words from 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica (our first dance at our wedding).  The black frame holds a drawing I did of Steve a couple of years ago and the black & white photo is a picture my Dad took of my Mum when they were first dating. 

Our house number, it was the first household item Steve and I bought, as soon as we heard we had completed on our home, we went straight to the DIY store and bought it, it wasn't expensive but we paid half each as a symbol of our first shared home. Steve moved into my place when we first got together, this is our first home that we both own.

This shot is in our Kitchen, the black wall is a blackboard wall that I painted last year, I love it! My giant tea cup that my friends Katie and Kelly bought me for my birthday a few years ago, It was filled with Tea party goodies, like scones and jam and pink Lemonade (we keep sweets and chocolate biscuits in it now) and our lush Bakelite telephone, it works but it doesn't ring any more.

This is one of the shelves in Steve's office, it is groaning with the weight of all his game and movie figurines. You can just about see his MUNNY figurine I decorated to look like him and the Lego Darlek that is the only one of its kind in the world.

We try to not have too many ornaments on shelves in the rooms where the cats go because like our 'Mr & Mrs' they don't stay on shelves long with Bailey around, but the top of our speakers in the lounge seem to be safe, so we have the figurine that was on the top of our wedding cake, and this years Valentines cards along with the personalised reel of cotton my family gave us for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

The mess in the bottom right is my desk in my Craft room, where I am right now typing this post, it is just a messy now as it was when I took this picture, when it is tidy, it's never for long.

So that's a little peak into our home, I think the reason I love this page so much is because it has so many memories of not just my 30th year but of all the years I have spent with Steve and the great friends and family I have, they are represented all over our home. I get to be reminded of the love that is all around me everyday.

I highly recommend going around your home and taking some photos of your favourite spots. I took all of these photos on my phone, it took me about 20 minutes. It's a really fun exercise to do, also it really helped me look at areas of our home that I still want to work on.
Do any of you have pictures of your homes on your blogs? Link in the comments and we will come take a look!

Sammy xxx