Newest drawing 'Suits'

Yesterday I shared my current favourite TV shows, one of which is Suits. My posts about my drawings seem to be popular with you guys so I thought as we were on the subject I would share my latest drawing of the two stars of the show Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht. 

Some of you have asked about what materials and techniques I use for my drawings, so let me fill you in. 

I use a mechanical pencil, I have a few different ones but at the moment I'm using a Pentel twist-erase one because it has a nice rubber grip and I have 4B 0.5mm leads in it.
I use a fine tipped rubber by Tombow Mono Zero which is really helpful to rub out really small areas and fine lines. For blending I use Derwent paper stumps.
The paper I use is Bristol board, super smooth paper. 
Some people have asked how I get My drawings from the page to my computer, well I have a scanner. Most of my drawings are A4 or smaller so our HP printer/scanner is fine. I have to say it's really hard to get all the detail that I draw from the page to the screen, the scanner can never really pic up every line or the subtle shading in some areas, but I have managed to get the settings right for mine so they scan pretty well. There is no shortcut for this, it totally depends on your scanner settings and your computers settings too. It took me months of fiddling with settings to get it to the right ones for me, and my drawings.
To get proportions right when I'm drawing I use a grid system, I usually print off two versions of my reference photo and draw a grid over one of them to get the facial features in the right place. I draw a corresponding grid on my blank paper and draw in the main features of the person I am drawing. When they are in lightly in pencil I rub out all of the grid lines and move on to using the second print out to start working on the details and shading.  I would say I spend an averaged of 8-10 hours on a drawing over the space of three or four days, sometimes more, often I will start a drawing and then leave it for a few days, then go back to it.
I draw for fun, It relaxes me, I draw for me and I don't sell my fan art drawings.
You can check out some of my other drawings on my deviantart gallery

What do you do that relaxes you? That thing that's just for you?

Sammy xxx