Link for the week: Vintage Cameras

I was watching a TV show last week which was talking about the resurgence of the non-digital camera.  It seems with all this digital technology some of us are preferring to go old school and taking lots of photos and then seeing what comes out!

I love Vintage cameras and the photo at the top is my Dad's old camera which I saved from one of my parents purging sessions.  I do need to find out if it still works though.

I love the idea that you cannot manipulate the image and perhaps you may take more care in getting the right shot - not so good for those moving children shots though I bet!

There was also an article in the new Crafty Magazine where Stephanie de Geus shared her tips for picking up old cameras and her love of using film rather than digital.

So this week's link gives you a bit more advice on choosing Vintage cameras and what film to use.

There are also all the vintage looking cameras that are coming back into style if you don't fancy trying to find a camera that works in your attic.  Out of these options I really fancy the Lomography Diana camera and a fish eye lens.... and it comes in blue! fantastic. 

Love it