Link for the week: Brownies via Domestic Sluttery

Ok, so most of the time I am led by my stomach and so although I try to be good, I can mostly be found staring at cakes! - luckily my niece takes after me, so I will have a permanent cake partner!

This recipe caught my eye as I love brownies, but mostly when I go to buy them in shops they have nuts in - not allergic, just don't like them.  I know its confusing but it does amaze me how many cakes have nuts in these days considering there are so many nut allergy sufferers out there. This not liking nuts basically means I don't end up getting something I want - annyoing - which then makes me want something more!  I blame it on that anyway.

So for this week I thought I would link the recipe for beginner after dinner mint brownies, as they look sooooooooooo good.  I want to make them for someone's birthday I think!  or maybe just for myself.

The website its from is pretty cool too - Domestic Sluttery - and has loads of foodie and fashion tips to check out.  That's when you have stopped looking at ours and of course not forgetting to vote for us in the company style blogger awards

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