H's Birthday foody Bonanza

So, today was my birthday and so I thought I would share with you just how today has unfolded, it went very food orientated - just how birthdays should be!

First, it started with cake!  My mum does like to make a cake and has been baking my cakes for years!  I seem to remember all sorts of shapes and styles of cake growing up and just because I am now in my thirties, I still get a cake!  It was Lemon cake with Chocolate icing, mmmmmmmm.

Then I met up with Sammy and Anna at Bill's in Reading, for some food and I got this lovely Mango, Passionfruit and Strawberry juice with my chicken skewers meal - sorry totally forgot to photograph that!

But, I will make up for it with the pudding shot!  Lemon Meringue Pie in a glass - lovely

They have Bill's restaurants all over the place and so you should definitely check them out, the food is lovely and the puddings are really really good!

After a spot of shopping to walk a bit of it off, I am spending the evening in a food coma - well maybe just one more bit of cake!

Live it